Who is Buffy Light-Year?

Art can turn a quiet little lamb into a strong mighty lion; transform the weak into the powerful. Art can do some very amazing things. That’s the exact power art gives to me. I feel like I have a say in the world and that my opinion matters. If I can’t say something aloud I can say it with my artwork. Art turns me into a mighty lion.

A lot of times I start out with a small idea and my creativity takes that and runs with it, turning it into something bigger and sometimes better.  My abstract personality and style combine with each other and turns my simple idea into a surreal design with earthy and natural elements.

I have always been a silent artist ever since I was a kid but since I grew into an adult I got to show people a sophisticated side of my creativity. I discovered my own modern style of art. I love giving my artwork a earthy feel to it since I am

sort of an earthy and free spirited person. That is why I love to create my own piece of art, to show the world who I am and to show myself what I can do. Art helps me express to the world when words can’t.


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