To GIF… Or Not to GIF

22 Sep

*These are my personal creations please DO NOT STEAL or Claim as own*


Free PSDs ft. GuGu Mbatha-Raw

4 Sep

Download [here]

Revamp Soon..

27 Jul

Soon I will be updating the site’s layout, so be prepared lol : )

Client: Skye Townsend Logo

16 Jul

I am excited and proud to have the wonderful and talented songstress Skye Townsend as a client of mine. Thanks Skye for using my design as your logo : )

The design;

Design Star | White Room Challenge

9 Jun

Here are my favorite White Room Challenge this season on Design Star.

& even though it wasn’t my favorite room it was said to see Jordan go : ( I kind of liked him, he was cool.

Poetry Corner | Blue Jay

6 Jun

A poem I wrote last year. Please rate & review at


A lost and lonely girl
In an even lost and lonely world
Trying to figure it all out
Trying to figure what’s she’s all about
Lost some, gained some
She even changed some
Through it all she felt so numb

Blue Jay please protect her
From all the hurt the world brings
Blue Jay please forgive her
For all the mistakes she has made
Wipe all the tears she cries
Help this phoenix begin to rise
Blue Jay watch this girl fly

A little girl trying to become a woman
With no help from others, as she tries to follow your plan
A sinner just wanting you to answer her prayers
Her broken heart fails to be repaired
Forgave some, forgot some
Even cried for some
Through it all she felt so numb

Blue Jay please guide her
Because she feels so lost
Blue Jay please hug her
She feels like a lost cause
Wipe all the tears she cries
Help this phoenix continue to rise
Blue Jay watch this girl fly

Blue Jay please care for her
Because she’s a troubled girl
Blue Jay please love her
You’re the only sanity she has in this cold lonely world.

Just Joined Houzz

2 Jun


With more than 350,000 photos and 140,000 product recommendations, Houzz is a titan among design and home improvement websites, and it’s also available as a mobile app. All of this material is searchable by keyword or phrase, so just type in “pressed tin ceiling” and scroll through hundreds of images. But the site’s most compelling feature may be the ability for users to register for a Houzz account and create themed “idea books” through bookmarking and uploading photos. There are some 2 million idea books to explore and comment on, and more than 1 million home improvement professionals participate through uploading photos and sharing expertise.


Bedrooms; Bedrooms; BEDROOMMMSSS!!

2 Jun


A Weekly Dose of Inspiration

1 Jun


Design Corner; My Flyers & etc.

25 May

This week I had created a flyer & some digital artwork..

A flyer for rapper AtomxAnt


Digital Artwork of singer Jasmine V